March 31, 2022: Data Feminism

5 April 2022

Lauren F. Klein is a co-author, with Catherine D’Ignazio, of Data Feminism (MIT Press 2020). Part of a series that “advances provocative hypotheses about the meaning of new technologies for contemporary society,” the book brings…

Apr. 23, 2019: Carleton’s Community Board on Sexual Misconduct’s Impact on Teaching and Learning

30 April 2019

2019_04_23_LTC Lunch The Community Board on Sexual Misconduct (CBSM) is the college body charged with adjudicating complaints of student-to-student sexual misconduct. This session will be facilitated by Laura Riehle-Merrill, Carleton’s…

Oct 23, 2018: Teaching in the #metoo Era

26 October 2018

The #metoo movement has drawn much needed attention to issues of sexual abuse and asymmetrical exercise of power in the broader culture. A reckoning of sorts is underway particularly in…

Feb 20, 2018: Skills for Working with Students Engaged in the Sexual Misconduct Process

28 February 2018

In this session, we will talk about how to support students who have reported sexual misconduct to you or who are involved in the sexual misconduct process. We will look…

May 4, 2017: Perspectives on Improving Science Education

5 May 2017

Catherine Drennan, Professor of Chemistry and Biology at MIT, has been involved in many efforts to improve science courses and to broaden the diversity of students who succeed in these…

Spring 2016: The Fabric of Our Campus

4 April 2016

This term’s LTC lunches have a wide variety, touching on issues of student life, research projects that combine faculty and students, and advising.  Together, they are an opportunity for us to use the LTC to make our learning environment stronger.

Winter 2016: Campus Climate, National Issues, and Student Achievement

25 January 2016

This term’s lunch session focus on campus and classroom climate, as well as sessions that look at student achievement.  We also have a session on faculty research and an example of a different model for a common reading.