Mar 5, 2020: Cinema & Media Studies as a Digital Liberal Art

10 March 2020

The Digital Liberal Arts, as well as the related area of Digital Humanities, have often had a less-than-engaged relationship with Media Studies, despite being a humanities discipline with a focus…

Feb 25, 2020: Travel Seminar

26 February 2020

The Center for Global and Regional Studies (CGRS) helped to organize a faculty travel seminar around the theme of (im)migration, and 15 participants spent 10 days last June in Montreal,…

Feb 4, 2020: Faculty Stories of Publishing Monographs

5 February 2020

In some disciplines a monograph is a centerpiece of a faculty member’s scholarly agenda.  How does one write and publish a monograph while working at Carleton? What does one say…

Jan 28, 2020: Early Interventions

30 January 2020

The Carleton calendar moves incredibly fast, and courses cover a great deal of materials in a short time span. Students who get behind are often ashamed to admit it, and…

Jan 21, 2020: Teaching With Census Data: Experiences Across Campus

15 January 2020

Census 2020 is almost underway, and in this timely session faculty panelists will share experiences of teaching students how to use census data to support learning and research. Faculty will…

Jan 14, 2020: AzTech Program: Student Staff & Assistive Technology Supporting Students with Disabilities

15 January 2020

Carleton students who serve as Assistive Technologists (AzTechs for short) will share their perspectives about supporting students with learning disabilities. What types of technologies and software are available? How do…