Mar. 27, 2018: Engaging Students in Reflection During Internships

29 March 2018

This presentation will describe how the Summer Internship Reflection and Career Readiness Program engages students in reflection. The Program encompasses the preparatory work done by the student before the internship,…

Feb 28, 2017: More Than Writing: Oral and Visual Communication

28 February 2018

What do effective oral and visual presentations of arguments look like and how do we help students make them? Faculty will describe the design, scaffolding, and evaluation of assignments (e.g.…

Feb 7, 2017: Assessment in the Humanities

28 February 2018

Our experience in the philosophy department is that it is hard to come up with assessment tools that deliver reliable data. We spent part of the summer figuring out why…

Jan 24, 2017: Beyond QuIRK, Viz, & CArT: New Opportunities to See Your Data

28 February 2018

Carleton has laid the foundation for explorations of data with initiatives like CArT, QUARK, and Viz. Our presentation will trace the genealogies of these efforts, and then point to future…

Jan 12, 2017: Flourishing at Carleton

28 February 2018

Corey Keyes, a pioneer of positive psychology, has dedicated his career to studying what makes life worth living. Come hear from Dr. Keyes how his model for flourishing can improve…

Jan 10, 2017: Practicing Geo-Humanities: Designing with the Digital and Beyond

28 February 2018

This talk offers a definition of what the “new” Geo-Humanities is and gives examples of how it is practiced focusing on a particular sub-branch of Geo-Humanities called Digital Geo-Humanities.  Working…