Feb 28, 2023 – Just in Time Learning – Using Linked-In Learning to Provide Students with Curated Skill Training

3 March 2023

Software applications have become essential to most learning and work environments, but finding the time to teach students new applications or nuances of familiar applications can be difficult. LinkedinLearning has…

Nov 8, 2022 – Ally: A New Tool to Help with Creating More Accessible Course Materials

11 November 2022

This session will give an overview of what Ally can offer to faculty, how you can use it for incremental changes to your courses, and why the tool will give…

Oct 19, 2021: Tech Toolkit – We Need a Bigger Toolbox!

4 January 2022

During Spring21, Wiebke interviewed a number of faculty at Carleton to learn what technology had been a surprising success and what faculty wanted to continue using post-pandemic.  In other conversations,…

Oct 5, 2021: Leveraging Student (and Faculty) Computing Devices

4 January 2022

Students at Carleton now all have a laptop that makes it possible for computer-based activities to happen in the classroom.  We learned over the last few months that collaborative tools…

Winter Conference 2020: Visual Syllabi and Other Roadmaps to Student Engagement and Success

11 December 2020

Students sometimes have difficulties connecting daily assignments and lessons to the overall picture of the course.  A visual representation of the course can help with making the connections clearer, giving…

Apr. 9, 2019: Strategies for Inclusive Teaching for Students With Disabilities

30 April 2019

2019_04_09_LTC Lunch Presenters will share their perspectives and experiences adopting universal design for learning strategies in their teaching, and discuss resources that are available locally through Disability Services and ITS.…