November 7, 2023 – Student Well-Being: Exploring Challenges, Opportunities, ans Support Systems at Carleton

27 September 2023

Challenges to student well-being are greater than ever before.  This panel will explore the topics of student well-being and engage the audience in potential strategies to increase capacity for supporting students…

Oct 9, 2018: Teaching Fast and Slow

24 October 2018

Questions Raised and Lessons Learned from Positive Psychology How does the pace of academic life affect teaching and learning? Experience of an academic term can range from an opportunity to…

Oct 3, 2017: Perfectionist Culture at Carleton: What is it costing us, and how can we improve?

28 February 2018

Join us for a presentation and discussion designed to (1) examine perfectionistic messages and norms that can pervade at Carleton, (2) identify the impact on students (as well as faculty…

Sept. 28, 2017: The Enemy Is Us: Student sleep deprivation, the role of faculty, and the trimester biorhythm

28 February 2018

This panel will explore the causes and effects of sleep deprivation in students from a variety of perspectives. From the psychological and emotional health perspective, we will hear from one…

Oct 11, 2016: Beyond the 9 ½ Week Course: Toward a More Flexible Curriculum and Better Prepared Students

12 October 2016

Are there particular skills or content areas that fall outside of any single course that we want our students to master? Is there a particular student population or learning goal…