April 19, 2022 – The Teaching Toolbox: Learning Strategies for Students Who Struggle with Focus on Deep Work

3 May 2022

Learn about and share with colleagues technologies and strategies that can help with focus, with letting go of one’s smartphone (for at least a little while), with reading strategies, and…

Oct 5, 2021: Leveraging Student (and Faculty) Computing Devices

4 January 2022

Students at Carleton now all have a laptop that makes it possible for computer-based activities to happen in the classroom.  We learned over the last few months that collaborative tools…

Jan 14, 2020: AzTech Program: Student Staff & Assistive Technology Supporting Students with Disabilities

15 January 2020

Carleton students who serve as Assistive Technologists (AzTechs for short) will share their perspectives about supporting students with learning disabilities. What types of technologies and software are available? How do…

Oct. 1, 2019: Bridging Faculty and Student Productivity

3 October 2019

Joli Jensen, the author of “Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics,” will discuss the myths and habits of mind that get in the way of scholarly productivity for both…

Apr. 9, 2019: Strategies for Inclusive Teaching for Students With Disabilities

30 April 2019

2019_04_09_LTC Lunch Presenters will share their perspectives and experiences adopting universal design for learning strategies in their teaching, and discuss resources that are available locally through Disability Services and ITS.…