Sept 27 – A “Liberal Arts Laboratory”: Teaching with Archives, Maps, and Rare Books

29 September 2022

Working with Gould Library’s unique physical collections of archives, rare books, artists’ books, and print maps provide students with hands-on, active learning opportunities. This session will highlight creative approaches to…

Jan 18, 2022: Evidence-based Strategies for Navigating a Polluted Information Environment

20 January 2022

While education is often framed as a necessary bulwark against the threat of misinformation, a mounting body of evidence shows that common approaches to teaching media literacy and critical thinking are…

Feb 2, 2021: Annotated Bibliographies as a Way to Map the Scholarly Conversation

28 April 2021

Annotated bibliographies are deceptively simple, but they come in many forms, fulfill many functions, and work towards varying goals. Some annotated bibliography assignments are meant to help students begin the…

Jan 21, 2020: Teaching With Census Data: Experiences Across Campus

15 January 2020

Census 2020 is almost underway, and in this timely session faculty panelists will share experiences of teaching students how to use census data to support learning and research. Faculty will…

Oct. 22, 2019: Feedback and Assessment in Collaborative Projects with Students

24 October 2019

Student collaborations with faculty and/or community partners provide unique venues for students (and faculty) to develop a variety of skills beyond those they cultivate in traditional curricular and research work.…

Jan. 16, 2018: Inside/Outside the Binary: Teaching the Politics of Data

28 February 2018

At Occidental, we are experimenting with the integration of quantitative reasoning into courses outside of STEM. Guided by this programmatic interest, this presentation zooms in on the design process for…

Nov 15, 2016: Writing for Wikipedia: Public Scholarship & Sharing to Learn

28 October 2016

We will share the experience of three courses from three different disciplines that have each incorporated a Wikipedia assignment to provide students with practice publicly sharing their scholarship. Each of…

Nov 8, 2016: OCS Winter Break Trips: Expanding the “Lab” Definition

28 October 2016

OCS Winter Break Trips offer an attractive pedagogical model that allow for learning to evolve through problem-posing and on-site exploration to post program analysis and reflection. As such, they promote…

Oct 4, 2016: Course-Based Research Experiences: Varied Implementations and New Directions

5 October 2016

Course-based research experiences (CUREs) provide exciting opportunities for scaling up benefits of mentored research internships, but their design, implementation, and assessment come with a unique set of challenges. We will…

Spring 2016: The Fabric of Our Campus

4 April 2016

This term’s LTC lunches have a wide variety, touching on issues of student life, research projects that combine faculty and students, and advising.  Together, they are an opportunity for us to use the LTC to make our learning environment stronger.