Nov. 5, 2019: Self-Assessment as a Tool for Student Learning

18 November 2019

This session will address ways that faculty can incorporate self-assessment as one component of student feedback. Effective self-assessment encourages the development of metacognitive skills necessary for higher-order thinking. Faculty, staff,…

Sept. 24, 2019: Fostering Collegial Conversations about Teaching: Reflecting on LTC Programs and Brainstorming Options for the Future

3 October 2019

In addition to the weekly lunches, which are the most visible LTC activities, the LTC also offers an array of other programs to support teaching and learning, including teaching circles,…

Mar. 27, 2018: Engaging Students in Reflection During Internships

29 March 2018

This presentation will describe how the Summer Internship Reflection and Career Readiness Program engages students in reflection. The Program encompasses the preparatory work done by the student before the internship,…

Oct. 31: Sharing Our Search History: Revealing shared curricular goals within disciplinary assessments

28 February 2018

The research landscape has changed dramatically in a short period of time. Do you ever wonder how your students navigate the complex universe of literature in your field? Many departments…

Sept. 28, 2017: The Enemy Is Us: Student sleep deprivation, the role of faculty, and the trimester biorhythm

28 February 2018

This panel will explore the causes and effects of sleep deprivation in students from a variety of perspectives. From the psychological and emotional health perspective, we will hear from one…

April 11, 2017: The Educational Value of a Campus Job

12 April 2017

Our students can learn significant lessons while working in campus employment. In many cases, the skills and habits that are fostered in employment can carry over into academic studies. This…