March 31, 2022: Data Feminism

5 April 2022

Lauren F. Klein is a co-author, with Catherine D’Ignazio, of Data Feminism (MIT Press 2020). Part of a series that “advances provocative hypotheses about the meaning of new technologies for contemporary society,” the book brings…

Jan 11, 2022 : Getting Started with QRE

11 January 2022

What does “quantitative reasoning” mean at Carleton? What counts as a QRE course? What’s the difference between QR and math? In this session, Quantitative Resource Center director Lin Winton will…

Jan 24, 2017: Beyond QuIRK, Viz, & CArT: New Opportunities to See Your Data

28 February 2018

Carleton has laid the foundation for explorations of data with initiatives like CArT, QUARK, and Viz. Our presentation will trace the genealogies of these efforts, and then point to future…

Oct 17, 2017: Teaching Quantitative Reasoning via Department-Specific Problem-Solving Courses

28 February 2018

Different STEM departments have designed different problem-solving courses to address the needs of students who might need extra support with quantitative reasoning skills. The structure of these courses varies based…

Jan. 16, 2018: Inside/Outside the Binary: Teaching the Politics of Data

28 February 2018

At Occidental, we are experimenting with the integration of quantitative reasoning into courses outside of STEM. Guided by this programmatic interest, this presentation zooms in on the design process for…

Nov 1, 2016: Acknowledging Class in the Classroom

28 October 2016

Twelve percent (1 in 8) of Carleton students are identified as low-income, according to federal guidelines. Join TRIO staff to discuss faculty-provided scenarios related to how students’ socioeconomic status manifests…