Oct 19, 2021: Tech Toolkit – We Need a Bigger Toolbox!

4 January 2022

During Spring21, Wiebke interviewed a number of faculty at Carleton to learn what technology had been a surprising success and what faculty wanted to continue using post-pandemic.  In other conversations,…

May 4, 2021: Learning Technologies with Social Justice Benefits or How I Survived the Last Few Months and Want to Keep Teaching

4 June 2021

Some of the learning technologies used over the last year created teaching opportunities for increased equitable access to content, increased or different opportunities for communication and collaboration, and different learning…

April 27, 2021: The Post Pandemic Classroom

29 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted teaching and learning in many ways. Faculty and students have learned new skills and expanded their options for interacting virtually in ways that are here to stay.…

Feb 9, 2021: Fostering Academic Honesty in an Online Setting

28 April 2021

As we continue to navigate online teaching, academic honesty violations are ticking up.  Concerns about “getting the right answer,” the ease of looking things up, and the difficulty of proctoring…

January 19, 2021: Gather.Town

20 January 2021

Gather Town, a new online platform described by some as a cross between Zoom and Pac-Man, allows for dynamic virtual interaction between participants. This session will present an array of…

Sept 25, 2018: Learning Across the Miles: Sharing the Structure of Dakota Course

27 September 2018

Most of us are familiar with technology that facilitates remote interactions with our research collaborators. But did you know that you have the resources to share, in real time, your…