April 5, 2022: Climate Change Throughout the Curriculum

13 April 2022

Climate change is transforming our civilization in fundamental ways. How can we help our students confront transformation? No single discipline owns this multifaceted problem.  It has relevance to every field…

Nov 2, 2021: Incorporating Social Justice Insights in the Language Curriculum

4 January 2022

Faculty across the college are searching for ways to more fully embrace antiracist teaching.  In a summer reading circle, a group of colleagues in Spanish looked for theoretical approaches and…

Sept 21, 2021: Lessons Learned from Pandemic Teaching

6 October 2021

What innovations or discoveries from our teaching experiences during the pandemic merit being carried forward? What new approaches did you try? What worked better than you perhaps expected? A panel…

Sept 22, 2020: Discussing Racism and Systemic Inequality

22 September 2020

This past summer the Humanities Center supported 14 Summer Research Circles, many focused on issues of racism and systemic inequality. Come and hear about 3 of these discussions: Racial Identity…

Feb 25, 2020: Travel Seminar

26 February 2020

The Center for Global and Regional Studies (CGRS) helped to organize a faculty travel seminar around the theme of (im)migration, and 15 participants spent 10 days last June in Montreal,…

Nov. 12, 2019: Connecting with Art Exhibitions and Artist Residencies Across the Curriculum

18 November 2019

How can the arts offer new ways to start conversations in the classroom? How might art act as “data” that opens new windows into understanding topics? How can faculty make…

May 22, 2018: Civic Engagement and the Co-creation of Knowledge through Participatory Video

4 June 2018

This session will discuss questions about civic engagement, honoring diverse forms of knowledge, and participatory and decolonial teaching methodologies. It will showcase an innovative approach to co-teaching through a presentation…

Spring 2016: The Fabric of Our Campus

4 April 2016

This term’s LTC lunches have a wide variety, touching on issues of student life, research projects that combine faculty and students, and advising.  Together, they are an opportunity for us to use the LTC to make our learning environment stronger.