Oct 4 – Being a Multilingual Writer at Carleton

5 October 2022

As Carleton continues to diversify its student population, faculty will encounter more multilingual (international and domestic) students in the classroom. Currently, there are about 250 international students at Carleton and…

Winter Conference 2020: Reflective Writing

11 December 2020

Participants brainstormed and discussed ways to use reflective and metacognitive writing for a variety of purposes: to bolster students’ thinking, to help them critically examine their strengths and the gaps…

Oct 3, 2017: Perfectionist Culture at Carleton: What is it costing us, and how can we improve?

28 February 2018

Join us for a presentation and discussion designed to (1) examine perfectionistic messages and norms that can pervade at Carleton, (2) identify the impact on students (as well as faculty…

April 11, 2017: The Educational Value of a Campus Job

12 April 2017

Our students can learn significant lessons while working in campus employment. In many cases, the skills and habits that are fostered in employment can carry over into academic studies. This…

Oct 27, 2016: Teaching Students How to Learn: Metacognition is the Key

28 October 2016

Students come to college with widely varying academic skills, approaches to learning, and motivation levels. Although students have the ability to succeed, they often do not have effective learning strategies.…

Sept 20, 2016: How Do People Learn? Using Cognitive Psychology to Improve Education

7 October 2016

When students sit down to study, are they using strategies that lead to long-term, durable learning? Recent research in cognitive psychology has identified several key principles of learning that can…