April 18, 2023 – Strategies for Oral Assesment

24 April 2023

As we come off online teaching and confront newly accessible AI technologies, now is an excellent time to discuss benefits, challenges, and strategies surrounding oral assessment. Interested audiences may include faculty who used oral assessment during online teaching and want to refine their practices, faculty who are looking for “ChatGPT-resistant” assessment tools, and staff and faculty who are invested in helping students develop career skills such as interviewing and oral communication.


May 4, 2021: Learning Technologies with Social Justice Benefits or How I Survived the Last Few Months and Want to Keep Teaching

4 June 2021

Some of the learning technologies used over the last year created teaching opportunities for increased equitable access to content, increased or different opportunities for communication and collaboration, and different learning…

Nov. 5, 2019: Self-Assessment as a Tool for Student Learning

18 November 2019

This session will address ways that faculty can incorporate self-assessment as one component of student feedback. Effective self-assessment encourages the development of metacognitive skills necessary for higher-order thinking. Faculty, staff,…

Oct. 22, 2019: Feedback and Assessment in Collaborative Projects with Students

24 October 2019

Student collaborations with faculty and/or community partners provide unique venues for students (and faculty) to develop a variety of skills beyond those they cultivate in traditional curricular and research work.…

Sept. 24, 2019: Fostering Collegial Conversations about Teaching: Reflecting on LTC Programs and Brainstorming Options for the Future

3 October 2019

In addition to the weekly lunches, which are the most visible LTC activities, the LTC also offers an array of other programs to support teaching and learning, including teaching circles,…