Nov 6, 2018: Public-facing Student Scholarship in Your Classroom

9 November 2018

Come join your colleagues to talk about your past or planned course assignments where students create public or semi-public scholarship – blog posts, articles, posters, websites, Wikipedia articles, performances, and…

Oct 3, 2018: Creating Meaningful Assignments

1 November 2018

Carleton faculty often discuss assignments in structural terms–rigor, scaffolding, assessment criteria, etc.  This talk will expand these conversations by leading us to consider more intangible questions that nonetheless matter a…

Oct 23, 2018: Teaching in the #metoo Era

26 October 2018

The #metoo movement has drawn much needed attention to issues of sexual abuse and asymmetrical exercise of power in the broader culture. A reckoning of sorts is underway particularly in…

Oct 9, 2018: Teaching Fast and Slow

24 October 2018

Questions Raised and Lessons Learned from Positive Psychology How does the pace of academic life affect teaching and learning? Experience of an academic term can range from an opportunity to…

Sept 25, 2018: Learning Across the Miles: Sharing the Structure of Dakota Course

27 September 2018

Most of us are familiar with technology that facilitates remote interactions with our research collaborators. But did you know that you have the resources to share, in real time, your…

Sept 11, 2018: Demystifying Carleton Financial Aid

20 September 2018

Financial aid is critical to making a Carleton education accessible, but it can seem like a black box. This is an opportunity to learn about the principles that guide Carleton’s…