April 18, 2023 – Strategies for Oral Assesment

24 April 2023

As we come off online teaching and confront newly accessible AI technologies, now is an excellent time to discuss benefits, challenges, and strategies surrounding oral assessment. Interested audiences may include faculty who used oral assessment during online teaching and want to refine their practices, faculty who are looking for “ChatGPT-resistant” assessment tools, and staff and faculty who are invested in helping students develop career skills such as interviewing and oral communication.


Jan 31, 2023 – How We Learn and How Instructional Technology Can Help

1 February 2023

Building on current understandings of how our brains work and how this impacts learning, we will explore how Moodle and other instructional technologies can help students develop effective learning techniques…

May 4, 2021: Learning Technologies with Social Justice Benefits or How I Survived the Last Few Months and Want to Keep Teaching

4 June 2021

Some of the learning technologies used over the last year created teaching opportunities for increased equitable access to content, increased or different opportunities for communication and collaboration, and different learning…

Feb 9, 2021: Fostering Academic Honesty in an Online Setting

28 April 2021

As we continue to navigate online teaching, academic honesty violations are ticking up.  Concerns about “getting the right answer,” the ease of looking things up, and the difficulty of proctoring…

Sept 20, 2016: How Do People Learn? Using Cognitive Psychology to Improve Education

7 October 2016

When students sit down to study, are they using strategies that lead to long-term, durable learning?Recent research in cognitive psychology has identified several key principles of learning that can be…