Feb 21, 2023 – ACE Faculty Reflections on “Critical Service-Learning”

24 February 2023

Faculty members from the humanities and STEM fields at Carleton who have incorporated ACE components into their courses will reflect on and host small group table discussions on critical approaches…

Feb 7, 2023 – LTC: The Next 30 Years

10 February 2023

The LTC has oriented generations of new Carleton faculty and has provided a site for “collegial conversation” about teaching and learning for just over 30 years.  During the pandemic and…

Jan 24, 2023 – Indigenous Student Experience at Carlton

25 January 2023

Following up on the very well-attended December conference session, Broderick Dressen will return to discuss supporting indigenous students at Carleton. Broderick Dressen ’09, Prairie Island Indian Community

Jan 10, 2023 – Placing Civil Discourse: Experience and Experiment

12 January 2023

What is civil discourse? How can it be created and sustained in the classroom, on campus, and beyond? In this session students and faculty involved in an A&I seminar dedicated…

October 6, 2020: Climate Action Plans and Course Collaborations

13 October 2020

Carleton College’s 2011 Climate Action Plan has a goal to be carbon-free by the year 2050 and the City of Northfield just passed it’s own plan to be carbon- free…

Jan 21, 2020: Teaching With Census Data: Experiences Across Campus

15 January 2020

Census 2020 is almost underway, and in this timely session faculty panelists will share experiences of teaching students how to use census data to support learning and research. Faculty will…

May 21, 2019: “Always Connect”: Public Scholarship and Community Engagement in the Real World

23 May 2019

We talk a good game about the benefits of directing our scholarly work at the broader public, and engaging our students in community-based learning, but what are the true benefits…

Sept 25, 2018: Learning Across the Miles: Sharing the Structure of Dakota Course

27 September 2018

Most of us are familiar with technology that facilitates remote interactions with our research collaborators. But did you know that you have the resources to share, in real time, your…

May 22, 2018: Civic Engagement and the Co-creation of Knowledge through Participatory Video

4 June 2018

This session will discuss questions about civic engagement, honoring diverse forms of knowledge, and participatory and decolonial teaching methodologies. It will showcase an innovative approach to co-teaching through a presentation…

Oct 10, 2017: ACE at Carleton: How well are we doing and what can we do better?

28 February 2018

In this panel we explore the history and current context of Academic Civic Engagement (ACE) at Carleton.  Faculty panelists will present resources for teaching ACE courses and showcase their specific…