Jan 24, 2023 – Indigenous Student Experience at Carlton

25 January 2023

Following up on the very well-attended December conference session, Broderick Dressen will return to discuss supporting indigenous students at Carleton. Broderick Dressen ’09, Prairie Island Indian Community

Nov 9, 2021: Microaffirmations

4 January 2022

Microaffirmations, as the name implies, are the opposite of microaggressions–small actions, gestures, and interactions that can make traditionally marginalized individuals feel more seen, welcome, and safe in their environment. Though…

May 11, 2021: Supporting Students’ Religious and Spiritual Identities

6 October 2021

One approach to helping students with historically marginalized identities thrive and flourish in higher education is recognizing them as whole people including, often, their religious and spiritual identities.  How can…

January 26, 2021: Well-being on Campus

26 March 2021

How can we help all students thrive at Carleton, especially given the unprecedented mental health challenges students are experiencing? Can we promote students’ well-being through our courses and our advising practices…

Nov 10, 2020: What Supports Students, as Told By Alums and Current Students to Faculty

16 November 2020

The Supporting Students working group of the large summer faculty anti-racism discussion held two listening sessions, one with alums and one with current students, in response to their letters and…

Oct. 1, 2019: Bridging Faculty and Student Productivity

3 October 2019

Joli Jensen, the author of “Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics,” will discuss the myths and habits of mind that get in the way of scholarly productivity for both…

May 16, 2019: The Role of the Imposter in Ethnic Minority Student Achievement

17 May 2019

In the current political climate, ethnic minority students often encounter racially hostile college campuses. In spite of their achievements, ethnic minority students often feel like they have to prove that…

Apr. 10, 2018: The Student View of Faculty Approachability

16 April 2018

A panel of Carleton students will share their thoughts about what makes a faculty member approachable, factors that impact the likelihood of attending office hours, and barriers to seeking help…

May 23, 2017: Increasing Participation and Success for All Students in STEM Courses and Majors at Carleton: Student Views

28 May 2017

The presentation will discuss findings from  the second part of participatory action research study on the experiences of under-represented students in STEM courses and majors at Carleton. The research team…

May 4, 2017: Perspectives on Improving Science Education

5 May 2017

Catherine Drennan, Professor of Chemistry and Biology at MIT, has been involved in many efforts to improve science courses and to broaden the diversity of students who succeed in these…