Jan 24, 2023 – Indigenous Student Experience at Carlton

25 January 2023

Following up on the very well-attended December conference session, Broderick Dressen will return to discuss supporting indigenous students at Carleton. Broderick Dressen ’09, Prairie Island Indian Community

Jan 17, 2023 – Career Education at Carleton and Beyond

19 January 2023

How do we enable students to articulate the value of their liberal arts education? In what ways do we encourage students to identify the skills and attributes they are developing…

May 10, 2022 – Career Center Collaborations

27 May 2022

Students often approach faculty members looking for career advice. The Career Center offers to help out, but where do you start? What are your options? In this session, several faculty…

May 11, 2021: Supporting Students’ Religious and Spiritual Identities

6 October 2021

One approach to helping students with historically marginalized identities thrive and flourish in higher education is recognizing them as whole people including, often, their religious and spiritual identities.  How can…

January 26, 2021: Well-being on Campus

26 March 2021

How can we help all students thrive at Carleton, especially given the unprecedented mental health challenges students are experiencing? Can we promote students’ well-being through our courses and our advising practices…

January 19, 2021: Gather.Town

20 January 2021

Gather Town, a new online platform described by some as a cross between Zoom and Pac-Man, allows for dynamic virtual interaction between participants. This session will present an array of…

Jan 28, 2020: Early Interventions

30 January 2020

The Carleton calendar moves incredibly fast, and courses cover a great deal of materials in a short time span. Students who get behind are often ashamed to admit it, and…

Sept. 28, 2017: The Enemy Is Us: Student sleep deprivation, the role of faculty, and the trimester biorhythm

28 February 2018

This panel will explore the causes and effects of sleep deprivation in students from a variety of perspectives. From the psychological and emotional health perspective, we will hear from one…

Feb 20, 2018: Skills for Working with Students Engaged in the Sexual Misconduct Process

28 February 2018

In this session, we will talk about how to support students who have reported sexual misconduct to you or who are involved in the sexual misconduct process. We will look…