Spring 2013: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

2 January 2014

LTC: Carleton’s Teaching Culture:How It Developed, What It Is Now

In celebration of the LTC’s 20 year anniversary, we’ve invited the LTC’s first Director, Frank Morral, to speak at this lunch presentation. Come hear Frank’s thoughts on changes in the College’s teaching culture since 1964, when he joined the Carleton faculty, followed by a general discussion of the culture of teaching at Carleton now. Presenter: Frank Morral, professor of English, emeritus, and former director of the LTC (1993–1996)

LTC: The Brazilian Turnaround:A Serious Country at Last?

At the beginning of the 1990s, Brazil was described as having a “feckless” political system and an economy “drunk” on hyperinflation. By the mid-2000s, it was the ‘B’ in the BRICS. How did this turnaround happen? Is it real? Has Brazil become a serious country at long last? Presenters: Alfred Montero, professor of political science (presenter); and Silvia López, professor of Spanish (respondent)

LTC: The Elusive “Aha!” Epiphanies and Metacognition

We all remember flashes of understanding when the pieces came together and we saw a concept—or even came to understand the process of learning—in a new way. How can we encourage and foster these moments in the classroom? Presenters: Chris Frills ’13, psychology major; Boo Price ’13, computer science major; Joel Weisberg, Herman and Gertrude Mosier Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences

LTC: Quantitative Reasoning In Context

Quantitative reasoning (QR) is taught and practiced in context. Join in a discussion of how and why QR is integrated into different disciplines, how different assignments contribute to the institutional QR learning goals, and how you might fit QR into your courses. Cosponsored by QuIRK Presenters: Sarah Deel, senior lecturer in biology; Christopher Tassava, associate director of corporate and foundation relations; Mija Van Der Wege, associate professor of psychology and director of QuIRK; and Alex Von Hagen-Jamar, visiting instructor in political science

LTC: Phi Beta Kappa Lecture

From the moment of the shooting until today, politicians and historians have disagreed about why six soldiers shot and killed five civilians on the streets of Boston in 1770. Come hear how a historian, a computer program, and a lot of assistants discovered the hidden hostility behind the Boston Massacre. Cosponsored by Phi Beta Kappa Presenters: Kathie Galotti, professor of cognitive science and president of Phi Bet Kappa; David Liben-Nowell, associate professor of computer science and vice president of Phi Bet Kappa; and Serena Zabin, associate professor of history and secretary of Phi Beta Kappa

LTC: International Students at Carleton Then and Now

Who are Carleton’s international students? Join panelists from CEDI, OIIL, and admissions in a discussion about the changing demographics of international students over the past 13 years and the implications for our learning and teaching. Charlie Cogan, associate dean of admissions and director of international recruitment; Joy Kluttz, director of intercultural and international life; and Luyen Phan, associate director of intercultural and international life

LTC: Scaffolding the Academic Poster: Connecting Curricular Goals with Visual Thinking

What are the qualities of the best posters? How do we make them? How do we teach others to make them? As posters become a more common assignment, how do we scaffold the key concepts in poster creation? Prepare to have your assumptions challenged! Kathy Evertz, director of the Academic Support Center; Doug Foxgrover, communications and training coordinator, ITS; Carol Rutz, director of the College Writing Program; Matt Ryan, associate director of web communications; and Aaron Swoboda, assistant professor of environmental studies and economics

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