Sept. 28, 2017: The Enemy Is Us: Student sleep deprivation, the role of faculty, and the trimester biorhythm

28 February 2018

This panel will explore the causes and effects of sleep deprivation in students from a variety of perspectives. From the psychological and emotional health perspective, we will hear from one expert (Wichlinski) who researches the effects of sleep deprivation on college students and another expert (Muth) who deals with the applied aspects of this problem at Carleton. The panel will also explore the physiological effects of sleep deprivation and its social and academic causes with an expert on sleep medicine (Hoff). Finally, the panel will explore time management skills and best practices from an advising perspective with the views of an experienced adviser who has experimented with different techniques to enhance student sleep cycles (Barnhardt).

Larry Wichlinski, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Brian Hoff, M.D., Allina Clinic sleep specialist

Paul Bernhardt, Audio and Visual Technical Director

Janet Lewis Muth, Director of Health Promotion

Moderated by Al Montero, Director of Advising


Sept 28 2017 – The enemy is Us: Sleep Deprivation, the role of faculty and the trimester biorhythmn