Oct. 1, 2019: Bridging Faculty and Student Productivity

3 October 2019

Joli Jensen, the author of “Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics,” will discuss the myths and habits of mind that get in the way of scholarly productivity for both students and faculty. Jensen’s work stresses the importance of maintaining a “Craftsman Attitude” towards writing and avoiding certain myths that prevent us from writing, including imposter syndrome, the “cleared deck” fantasy, and the “one more source” myth. Though Jensen’s book is aimed at professional scholars, her approach emphasizes time management, setting attainable goals, and maintaining realistic expectations, all of which are essential skills that our students struggle to develop.

Joli Jensen, Hazel Rogers Professor of Communication, University of Tulsa, and Director of the TU Faculty Writing Program

2019_10_1_Bridging Faculty and Student Productivity