Oct 18, 2022 – ArcGIS Online

20 October 2022

Non-GIS users often encounter two major challenges in making and using maps, lack of (1) ready-to-use geospatial data, and (2) a platform that displays geospatial data from different sources. ArcGIS Online addresses these two challenges by successfully positioning the platform as the choice for data sharing by government agencies and other major geospatial data creators and by presenting these data with professionally configured symbols. With the various app template, faculty and students can easily package the wealth of ready-to-use and their own geospatial contents in different ways to communicate and to collaborate with others around the world.

Wei-Hsin Fu, GIS Specialist, Environmental Studies
Austin Mason, Assistant Director for Digital Humanities, Lecturer in History
Kristin Partlo, Reference and Instructional Librarian