Nov 9, 2021: Microaffirmations

4 January 2022

Microaffirmations, as the name implies, are the opposite of microaggressions–small actions, gestures, and interactions that can make traditionally marginalized individuals feel more seen, welcome, and safe in their environment. Though the term and concept of microaffirmation has been around for some time, it has generally given much less attention than microaggressions. Consequently, in communities like Carleton,faculty and staff are generally aware that small, everyday interactions can promote exclusion and perpetuate institutional prejudices, but very few have a working knowledge of how to reverse these behaviors. What kinds of positive messages, explicit policies, adjustments to messaging, etc. could help to make students feel more included in small, everyday ways?

Students will lead a discussion about everyday interactions they’ve experienced (positive and, if the students wish, negative as well) and get session participants discussing ways they can make their interactions with students more consciously inclusive.

George Cusack, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and Senior Lecturer in English
 Aladetan ’24

 Arora ’23

 Jimenez ’23

 Kline ’22
 Neville ’24

Gigi Paulig ’23
Trinh Tieu ’22
Weiland Wang ’23

2021_11_9 Microaffirmations