Oct 11, 2016: Beyond the 9 ½ Week Course: Toward a More Flexible Curriculum and Better Prepared Students

12 October 2016

Are there particular skills or content areas that fall outside of any single course that we want our students to master? Is there a particular student population or learning goal of a program or the institution that is being under-served in our current curriculum? Should the college provide more diagnostic and self-directed learning opportunities for students either within, or outside of, the regular confines of the 9 ½ week term or the local campus environment? The Future Learning
Technology Group invites you to a discussion of the promise, possibilities, and ongoing issues involved in expanding our definition of the curriculum.

Chico Zimmerman, Hazel Lillian Amland Grose Professor of Classics;

Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Director of the LTC and Associate Professor of Physics;

George Shuffelton, Associate Dean of the College and Professor of English

2016_10_11_beyond the 9 1-2 week course