May 4, 2021: Learning Technologies with Social Justice Benefits or How I Survived the Last Few Months and Want to Keep Teaching

4 June 2021

Some of the learning technologies used over the last year created teaching opportunities for increased equitable access to content, increased or different opportunities for communication and collaboration, and different learning moments for our students.  COVID-19 can be a teachable moment for all of us – what will we take forward and keep?  How will we continue to use digital tools in courses?  What have we seen as benefits?

This session will explore what academic technologies, digital tools and teaching opportunities with these technologies and tools will remain useful once Carleton faculty and students are back in classrooms.  Anecdotally, students comment on the ease with which they have been able to participate in guest lectures and convocations, the benefit of tools like for group annotation, and having digital access to course readings.  Many faculty have discovered useful workflows for grading, capturing lecture content and the benefit to have lectures recorded and made available to students outside of class (with captions).  Such strategies and tools provide opportunities for increased equitable access to learning in Carleton courses. Spring Term is a crucial time to reflect on pandemic teaching and learning behaviors and to build on pandemic learning strategies around reading for deeper engagement through the use of online tools that enable ongoing reflection with content and other students’ ideas. This LTC will highlight new techniques in advance of summer workshops or personal experimentation.

Janet Scannell,Chief Technology Officer

Wiebke Kuhn, Director of Academic Technology


2021_5_4_Learning Technologies with Social Justice Benefits