May 9, 2017: Truth, Information Literacy, and the American Way: Assignments that Make Sense of Current Events

10 May 2017

Continuing the campus discussion about how we respond to current events, this panel will feature faculty and librarians discussing assignments and strategies to encourage critical thinking and information literacy in and beyond the classroom. We will address questions such as: Do assignments around current events require particular types of information literacy skills? How do such assignments help students engage with and act upon scholarship, news and conversation? Events unfold in real time – how does this affect the process of winnowing and sifting information, including evaluating the quality of evidence and choosing what to trust and when to move ahead? Do current events present unique challenges in teaching students how to represent findings appropriately for their audiences, including those beyond the classroom?

Sarah Calhoun Reference an Instruction Librarian

Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology

Ann Zawistoski, Head of Reference and Instruction

Adrienne Falcón, Director of Academic Civic Engagement and Lecturer in Sociology

Iris Jastram, Reference an Instruction Librarian

Annette Nierobisz, Professor of Sociology and Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship

Kristin Partlo, Reference and Instruction Librarian