Feb 28, 2023 – Just in Time Learning – Using Linked-In Learning to Provide Students with Curated Skill Training

3 March 2023

Software applications have become essential to most learning and work environments, but finding the time to teach students new applications or nuances of familiar applications can be difficult. LinkedinLearning has a significant catalog of applications that students use frequently for classes, and everyone on campus has access to Linkedin Learning. While students can choose their own content to explore, curated content will give the task of learning a skill a clearer focus and, with a specific goal, will make the learning more meaningful. This session will give an overview of LinkedinLearning resources and show how you can create meaningful curated content for your students.

Giving students a scaffolded entry to this learning resource will build their self-efficacy. This may be particularly important to students who have not had the opportunity to practice with applications during their K-12 education or who may be intimidated by the wealth of information, tutorials, and YouTube videos about a particular application/skill. Creating curated content through Linked-In Learning will provide students with a reliable starting point when they explore tools for their creative course content and problem-solving tasks.

The goal is for participants to start creating a map of curated content and practice of how to create a playlist and share it with others.

Doug Foxgrover, Academic Technologist
Wiebke Kuhn, Director of Academic Technology
Rachel Leatham, Associate Director of the Career Center

Slides from this presentation.