Feb 21, 2023 – ACE Faculty Reflections on “Critical Service-Learning”

24 February 2023

Faculty members from the humanities and STEM fields at Carleton who have incorporated ACE components into their courses will reflect on and host small group table discussions on critical approaches to Academic Civic Engagement, making reference to community-engagement scholar Tania Mitchell’s work, specifically the emphasis on 1. A Social Change Orientation, 2. Redistribution of Power, and 3, Authentic Relationships.

Palmar Álvarez-Blanco, Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship and Professor of Spanish
Amy Csizmar Dalal, Professor of Computer Science
Ross Elfline, Associate Professor of Art History
Andrea Mazzariello, Assistant Professor of Music 
Andy Poppick, Assistant Professor of Statistics
Emily Seru, Associate Director for Academic Civic Engagement and Scholarship