Oct. 31: Sharing Our Search History: Revealing shared curricular goals within disciplinary assessments

28 February 2018

The research landscape has changed dramatically in a short period of time. Do you ever wonder how your students navigate the complex universe of literature in your field? Many departments include elements of information literacy in their departmental learning goals and comps rubrics. The library has also studied students’ attitudes, abilities, and habits of mind around information literacy for many years. Taken together, what do these various assessments tell us about how students use sources for their assignments and research projects? What do we know about trends in students’ information literacy habits? At this session, we will highlight common themes across a variety of current assessments  — instruments and results —  and what these mean for our individual and collective pedagogical practices and goals. 

Iris Jastram, Reference & Instruc. Librarian

Danya Leebaw, Reference & Instruc. Librarian

Claudia Peterson, Reference & Instruc. Librarian

Thabiti Willis, Associate Professor of History