Mar 5, 2020: Cinema & Media Studies as a Digital Liberal Art

10 March 2020

The Digital Liberal Arts, as well as the related area of Digital Humanities, have often had a less-than-engaged relationship with Media Studies, despite being a humanities discipline with a focus on born-digital objects & digital culture, as well as a field that uses many digital tools in its classrooms. Jason Mittell reflects on the intersections between his dual roles via his experiences teaching, producing work, and mentoring colleagues under the umbrella of Digital Liberal Arts. From videographic criticism to 3D animation as cultural history, sociological documentary film to multimodal publishing, Mittell will provide a tour of some key projects and collaborations at Middlebury over the past 5 years, and reflect on lessons learned that might apply to peer institutions like Carleton.

Jason Mittell, Chair & Professor of Film & Media Culture and founding Faculty Director of the Digital Liberal Arts, Middlebury College