Oct 5, 2021: Leveraging Student (and Faculty) Computing Devices

4 January 2022

Students at Carleton now all have a laptop that makes it possible for computer-based activities to happen in the classroom.  We learned over the last few months that collaborative tools like Google Docs make it easier for students to work together, and that having access to online resources and collaborative reading heightens student engagement with materials. What else is possible when all students can bring a device to class?  What are some strategies to work through potential challenges?  And what additional tools are available to all students to work with specialized software?

In addition, how can faculty leverage their computing devices to engage with students?  A laptop can make it easier to have the needed software and files ready to go; Carleton also issued an iPad to all faculty who requested one – what are some of the possibilities to use this tool in the classroom, in addition to the laptop or as a more portable and convenient substitute?

This session will lead with a short review of the research centered on student-owned computing devices in college classrooms, followed by an open and candid conversation that will align research findings with faculty experiences and ending with a final conversation focused on sustainable and equitable teaching and learning with computing devices.

Wiebke Kuhn, Director of Academic Technology