Oct. 22, 2019: Feedback and Assessment in Collaborative Projects with Students

24 October 2019

Student collaborations with faculty and/or community partners provide unique venues for students (and faculty) to develop a variety of skills beyond those they cultivate in traditional curricular and research work. However, the different nature of these projects means that mentors must often reconsider how they communicate expectations, provide formative and summative assessments, and help students articulate the skills they are developing.

This session examines some strategies and early findings from projects in different disciplines (History and Chemistry) as well as perspectives from external evaluators (SERC), with the goal of sparking conversations and sharing new ideas about how faculty and staff can better mentor students through engaging them in collaborative scholarly projects.

Matt Whited, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Susannah Ottaway, Professor of History
Ellen Iverson
, Evaluation Director, SERC

Kristin O’Connell, Evaluation/Education Specialist, SERC

2019_10_22_Feedback and Assessment in Collaborative Projects with Students