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May 4, 2017: Perspectives on Improving Science Education

5 May 2017

Catherine Drennan, Professor of Chemistry and Biology at MIT, has been involved in many efforts to improve science courses and to broaden the diversity of students who succeed in these…

Nov 15, 2016: Writing for Wikipedia: Public Scholarship & Sharing to Learn

28 October 2016

We will share the experience of three courses from three different disciplines that have each incorporated a Wikipedia assignment to provide students with practice publicly sharing their scholarship. Each of…

Nov 8, 2016: OCS Winter Break Trips: Expanding the “Lab” Definition

28 October 2016

OCS Winter Break Trips offer an attractive pedagogical model that allow for learning to evolve through problem-posing and on-site exploration to post program analysis and reflection. As such, they promote…

Nov 1, 2016: Acknowledging Class in the Classroom

28 October 2016

Twelve percent (1 in 8) of Carleton students are identified as low-income, according to federal guidelines. Join TRIO staff to discuss faculty-provided scenarios related to how students’ socioeconomic status manifests…

Oct 27, 2016: Teaching Students How to Learn: Metacognition is the Key

28 October 2016

Students come to college with widely varying academic skills, approaches to learning, and motivation levels. Although students have the ability to succeed, they often do not have effective learning strategies.…

Sept 20, 2016: How Do People Learn? Using Cognitive Psychology to Improve Education

7 October 2016

When students sit down to study, are they using strategies that lead to long-term, durable learning?Recent research in cognitive psychology has identified several key principles of learning that can be…

Oct 4, 2016: Course-Based Research Experiences: Varied Implementations and New Directions

5 October 2016

Course-based research experiences (CUREs) provide exciting opportunities for scaling up benefits of mentored research internships, but their design, implementation, and assessment come with a unique set of challenges. We will…