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April 18, 2023 – Strategies for Oral Assesment

24 April 2023

As we come off online teaching and confront newly accessible AI technologies, now is an excellent time to discuss benefits, challenges, and strategies surrounding oral assessment. Interested audiences may include faculty who used oral assessment during online teaching and want to refine their practices, faculty who are looking for “ChatGPT-resistant” assessment tools, and staff and faculty who are invested in helping students develop career skills such as interviewing and oral communication.


Oct 19, 2021: Tech Toolkit – We Need a Bigger Toolbox!

4 January 2022

During Spring21, Wiebke interviewed a number of faculty at Carleton to learn what technology had been a surprising success and what faculty wanted to continue using post-pandemic.  In other conversations,…

Sept 21, 2021: Lessons Learned from Pandemic Teaching

6 October 2021

What innovations or discoveries from our teaching experiences during the pandemic merit being carried forward? What new approaches did you try? What worked better than you perhaps expected? A panel…

April 27, 2021: The Post Pandemic Classroom

29 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted teaching and learning in many ways. Faculty and students have learned new skills and expanded their options for interacting virtually in ways that are here to stay.…

Feb 9, 2021: Fostering Academic Honesty in an Online Setting

28 April 2021

As we continue to navigate online teaching, academic honesty violations are ticking up.  Concerns about “getting the right answer,” the ease of looking things up, and the difficulty of proctoring…

Winter Conference 2020: Enhancing Student Experience through Innovation in Online Presentation

11 December 2020

Are there ways of improving your students’ experience of online learning?  Hear from colleagues about ways of enhancing your online presence that push beyond the basics to support student engagement…

Winter Conference 2020: Lightning Round: Teaching in the Modes

11 December 2020

Colleagues shared short presentations on their teaching adventures in the various teaching modes.  After the lightning round, participants broke into discussion groups to talk about the takeaways from students’ feedback…

Winter Conference 2020: Student Panel

11 December 2020

Students speak about their experiences with the various teaching modes in the fall term (face-to-face, hybrid, mixed mode and online) and offer insights that will help the faculty design clearer…