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Feb 7 – LTC: The Next 30 Years

10 February 2023

The LTC has oriented generations of new Carleton faculty and has provided a site for “collegial conversation” about teaching and learning for just over 30 years.  During the pandemic and…

Jan 31 – Reflections on the LTC in the Pandemic Years

9 February 2023

We know from research on the Black Death that plagues can disappear quickly form the historical record, leaving historians puzzled to account for their impact. As a contribution to Carleton’s…

Feb 15, 2022: Meaningful and Manageable Assessment

28 February 2022

Has it been awhile since your department thought about assessment? Would you prefer to get useful information from your assessment rather than just checking a box? If your answer to…

Winter Conference 2020: Supporting and Recognizing Work for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

11 December 2020

This session was a discussion about ways that our departments and divisions can better support individual and collective work toward making Carleton a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable place. The…

Feb. 19, 2019: Making Assessment Work for You

20 February 2019

2019_02_19_Making Assessment_Work_For_You Assessment feeling like a chore?  Not telling you anything helpful?  This session will discuss ways to make your assessment process more efficient and effective.  Starting with the goals…

Sept 11, 2018: Demystifying Carleton Financial Aid

20 September 2018

Financial aid is critical to making a Carleton education accessible, but it can seem like a black box. This is an opportunity to learn about the principles that guide Carleton’s…

Feb 7, 2017: Assessment in the Humanities

28 February 2018

Our experience in the philosophy department is that it is hard to come up with assessment tools that deliver reliable data. We spent part of the summer figuring out why…

April 25, 2017: Joining Forces in Faculty Development: Opportunities Through the ACM

28 April 2017

Time is a precious commodity for faculty, perhaps even more so for new faculty members.  Why would faculty members who juggle teaching, research, governance and work-life balance volunteer time for…

Spring 2016: The Fabric of Our Campus

4 April 2016

This term’s LTC lunches have a wide variety, touching on issues of student life, research projects that combine faculty and students, and advising.  Together, they are an opportunity for us to use the LTC to make our learning environment stronger.

Winter 2016: Campus Climate, National Issues, and Student Achievement

25 January 2016

This term’s lunch session focus on campus and classroom climate, as well as sessions that look at student achievement.  We also have a session on faculty research and an example of a different model for a common reading.