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Sept 25, 2018: Learning Across the Miles: Sharing the Structure of Dakota Course

27 September 2018

Most of us are familiar with technology that facilitates remote interactions with our research collaborators. But did you know that you have the resources to share, in real time, your…

May 22, 2018: Civic Engagement and the Co-creation of Knowledge through Participatory Video

4 June 2018

This session will discuss questions about civic engagement, honoring diverse forms of knowledge, and participatory and decolonial teaching methodologies. It will showcase an innovative approach to co-teaching through a presentation…

Feb 28, 2017: More Than Writing: Oral and Visual Communication

28 February 2018

What do effective oral and visual presentations of arguments look like and how do we help students make them? Faculty will describe the design, scaffolding, and evaluation of assignments (e.g.…

Jan 24, 2017: Beyond QuIRK, Viz, & CArT: New Opportunities to See Your Data

28 February 2018

Carleton has laid the foundation for explorations of data with initiatives like CArT, QUARK, and Viz. Our presentation will trace the genealogies of these efforts, and then point to future…

Jan 10, 2017: Practicing Geo-Humanities: Designing with the Digital and Beyond

28 February 2018

This talk offers a definition of what the “new” Geo-Humanities is and gives examples of how it is practiced focusing on a particular sub-branch of Geo-Humanities called Digital Geo-Humanities.  Working…

Sept. 26, 2017: ePortfolios: Strategies for Success

28 February 2018

The benefits of electronic portfolios are self-evident, but so are the implementation challenges they pose. This conversation will revolve around strategies for successful eportfolio implementation in a variety of settings.…

Nov 15, 2016: Writing for Wikipedia: Public Scholarship & Sharing to Learn

28 October 2016

We will share the experience of three courses from three different disciplines that have each incorporated a Wikipedia assignment to provide students with practice publicly sharing their scholarship. Each of…

Oct 11, 2016: Beyond the 9 ½ Week Course: Toward a More Flexible Curriculum and Better Prepared Students

12 October 2016

Are there particular skills or content areas that fall outside of any single course that we want our students to master? Is there a particular student population or learning goal…

Sept 15, 2016: Moodle Data, Design & Decisions

5 October 2016

Moodle at Carleton is 10 years old! To celebrate, come hear about the results of the Moodle Evaluation & Needs Assessment project; what you need, what you use, what works…

Spring 2016: The Fabric of Our Campus

4 April 2016

This term’s LTC lunches have a wide variety, touching on issues of student life, research projects that combine faculty and students, and advising.  Together, they are an opportunity for us to use the LTC to make our learning environment stronger.