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April 19 – The Teaching Toolbox: Learning Strategies for Students Who Struggle with Focus on Deep Work

3 May 2022

Learn about and share with colleagues technologies and strategies that can help with focus, with letting go of one’s smartphone (for at least a little while), with reading strategies, and…

April 12, 2022: Welcoming LGTBQIA+ Students Into the Classroom

15 April 2022

This session centers on inclusivity and belonging of LGBTQIA+ students in the classroom, learning how to create a welcoming environment and integrate queer and trans topics into curricular learning goals.…

Jan 18, 2022: Evidence-based Strategies for Navigating a Polluted Information Environment

20 January 2022

While education is often framed as a necessary bulwark against the threat of misinformation, a mounting body of evidence shows that common approaches to teaching media literacy and critical thinking are…

Jan 11, 2022 : Getting Started with QRE

11 January 2022

What does “quantitative reasoning” mean at Carleton? What counts as a QRE course? What’s the difference between QR and math? In this session, Quantitative Resource Center director Lin Winton will…

Oct 19, 2021: Tech Toolkit – We Need a Bigger Toolbox!

4 January 2022

During Spring21, Wiebke interviewed a number of faculty at Carleton to learn what technology had been a surprising success and what faculty wanted to continue using post-pandemic.  In other conversations,…

Sept 21, 2021: Lessons Learned from Pandemic Teaching

6 October 2021

What innovations or discoveries from our teaching experiences during the pandemic merit being carried forward? What new approaches did you try? What worked better than you perhaps expected? A panel…

April 27, 2021: The Post Pandemic Classroom

29 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted teaching and learning in many ways. Faculty and students have learned new skills and expanded their options for interacting virtually in ways that are here to stay.…

Feb 23, 2021: The Teaching Toolbox Best Practices for Supporting Students in Carleton’s Larger Classes

28 April 2021

Many of the teaching techniques demonstrated to support a diverse community of learners in small classes (e.g., connecting with students personally, seeing students as individuals) can be difficult to adapt…

Feb 9, 2021: Fostering Academic Honesty in an Online Setting

28 April 2021

As we continue to navigate online teaching, academic honesty violations are ticking up.  Concerns about “getting the right answer,” the ease of looking things up, and the difficulty of proctoring…