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Winter Conference 2020: Teaching Data Visualization

11 December 2020

Having students include graphs, maps, and other charts in their homework or final projects is an engaging way to view content from another perspective, synthesize content or research findings, and…

Sept 25, 2018: Learning Across the Miles: Sharing the Structure of Dakota Course

27 September 2018

Most of us are familiar with technology that facilitates remote interactions with our research collaborators. But did you know that you have the resources to share, in real time, your…

May 22, 2018: Civic Engagement and the Co-creation of Knowledge through Participatory Video

4 June 2018

This session will discuss questions about civic engagement, honoring diverse forms of knowledge, and participatory and decolonial teaching methodologies. It will showcase an innovative approach to co-teaching through a presentation…

Jan 10, 2017: Practicing Geo-Humanities: Designing with the Digital and Beyond

28 February 2018

This talk offers a definition of what the “new” Geo-Humanities is and gives examples of how it is practiced focusing on a particular sub-branch of Geo-Humanities called Digital Geo-Humanities.  Working…

Oct 24, 2017: Creative Partnerships in Teaching

28 February 2018

Team-teaching provides important faculty development opportunities and enriches the curriculum, but negotiating scheduling and workload for team-taught courses can be difficult. We will highlight several approaches to faculty collaboration and…

Jan. 16, 2018: Inside/Outside the Binary: Teaching the Politics of Data

28 February 2018

At Occidental, we are experimenting with the integration of quantitative reasoning into courses outside of STEM. Guided by this programmatic interest, this presentation zooms in on the design process for…

May 9, 2017: Truth, Information Literacy, and the American Way: Assignments that Make Sense of Current Events

10 May 2017

Continuing the campus discussion about how we respond to current events, this panel will feature faculty and librarians discussing assignments and strategies to encourage critical thinking and information literacy in…