Feb 2, 2021: Annotated Bibliographies as a Way to Map the Scholarly Conversation

28 April 2021

Annotated bibliographies are deceptively simple, but they come in many forms, fulfill many functions, and work towards varying goals. Some annotated bibliography assignments are meant to help students begin the research process, others are aimed at the critical selection and evaluation of sources, and some are conceived very effectively as group projects. Some function similarly to a literature review, and use the annotated bibliography to identify space for the student’s argument within the existing literature. How can we ensure we are crafting assignments that make these goals explicit and help students meet them? Examining assignment goals and expectations, participants will think together about 1) the learning goals for their annotated bibliography assignments, 2) elements they expect to see in good annotated bibliographies (summary? evaluation?), and 3) strategies to help their students be successful in these assignments. We will use a combination of breakout rooms and reporting back to the larger group to foster discussion and sharing of best practices.

Stacy Beckwith, Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Summer Forester, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Renata Fitzpatrick, Assistant Director of the Writing Center

Sean Leahy, Reference and Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences

Claudia Peterson, Reference and Instruction Librarian to Languages and Cultures

Feb. 2, 2021: Annotated Bibliographies as a Way to Map the Scholarly Conversation