May 21, 2019: “Always Connect”: Public Scholarship and Community Engagement in the Real World

23 May 2019

We talk a good game about the benefits of directing our scholarly work at the broader public, and engaging our students in community-based learning, but what are the true benefits and challenges of such work? This panel and discussion will engage in these questions with an eye toward sustaining community relations and sharing a wide range of experiences. We will invite faculty speakers who have completed community-engagement projects with a variety of local community partners and groups. Our presenters will specifically talk about how community-based projects have shaped their pedagogy and approach to teaching, as well as its impact on students.

Yansi Pérez, Associate Professor of Spanish
Andrea Mazzariello, Assistant Professor of Music
Briannon Carlsen, Public Works Program Associate
Mary Savina, Professor of Geology

2019_05_21_LTC Lunch Always Connect.mp4