Oct 10, 2017: ACE at Carleton: How well are we doing and what can we do better?

28 February 2018

In this panel we explore the history and current context of Academic Civic Engagement (ACE) at Carleton.  Faculty panelists will present resources for teaching ACE courses and showcase their specific projects.  Community partners will discuss elements of successful collaborations and their ideas for future efforts.  The session will end with a discussion of how Carleton can incorporate or further develop ACE endeavors.  

Adrienne Falcón, former Director of Academic Civic Engagement and Lecturer in Sociology

Annette Nierobisz, Professor of Sociology and Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship

Amy Csizmar-Dalal, Professor of Computer Science

Laska Jimsen, Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies

Sandi Gerdes, Executive Director of Laura Baker Services Association

Scott Wopata, Executive Director of The Northfield Union of Youth 

ACE at Carleton – How well are we doing and what can we do better