Neurodiversity and Education Book Discussion Group

Neurodiversity and Education
by Paul Ellis, Amanda Kirby, and Abby Osborne 

Building on the discussion of neurodiversity during the Winter Conference, this book group will dig deeper into the diversity of human brains. Neurodiversity is about us all, students, faculty, & staff; it is not an exclusive club or one condition, difficulty, difference, or disorder. Understanding more about the concept of neurodiversity helps us consider, respect and appreciate these differences so we can create inclusive learning and working communities at Carleton. This clear and practical book, which is useful for all aspects of learning and education, discusses how an emphasis on neurodiverse ′ability′ can cultivate a better world.

Book group meetings:

Monday, Jan 22 and
Tuesday Feb 20


LTC Library – Weitz 146


Carly Born, Academic Technologist
Elijah Genheimer, Accessibility Specialist
Beatriz Pariente-Beltran, Senior Lecturer in Spanish
Samantha Thayer, Director of Accessibility Services


We are sorry, this discussion group is full.