Lawrence Perlman (’60) is a Carleton trustee emeriti, Carleton parent, and former CEO of Ceridian Corporation. His gift to Carleton ensures that the activities of the Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching will be sustained. Here’s why he chose to endow the Perlman Center:

“I wanted to make a significant contribution to Carleton in connection with the capital campaign, because I have a deep affection for the place. I was a pretty raw high school kid interested in the things high schoolboys were (and probably still are) interested in when I arrived at Carleton. The experience changed me permanently by exposing me to the life of the mind. I developed an intellectual curiosity and a way of thinking about the larger view and the context of the issues I dealt with that broadened me as a lawyer, law professor, CEO and community activist.

“This didn’t happen by osmosis (although one of Carleton’s strengths is that it surrounds those who look up with a highly charged atmosphere for personal growth). I was the beneficiary of some superb teachers, who are with me even today. So, I decided to direct my gift to an activity which supported the teaching and learning of the College as a way to honor those wonderful teachers I knew and to support their successors.”

Lawrence Perlman