The Writing Across the Curriculum grant will fund faculty for up to 6 weeks ($3,600) in the Summer of 2011 to design or redesign courses that will provide writing assignments suitable for the sophomore portfolio or for writing in the major. One grant can support an individual faculty member, or grants can be divided or combined for two or more faculty working in teams. Proposals from interdisciplinary teams or for department-wide projects are welcome. Proposals may address courses at all levels, although preference will be given to proposals directed toward the Argument & Inquiry seminars or WR2 courses. Successful proposals have ranged from revision of existing courses to development of new courses (some interdisciplinary), creation of a departmental writing guide, and department-level reviews of writing curricula.

Grant recipients will be expected to participate in the Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop (December, 2011) and the Portfolio Workshop (June 14-16, 2011). (All faculty participants in those workshops receive stipends.) Submit proposals of no more than 1,000 words to Carol Rutz, Director of the Writing Program, with a copy to the department chair. Proposals will be reviewed by the WAC Advisory Board and the Dean of the College.

Proposal Deadline: February 1, 2011.