Carleton-Macalester Workshops and Programs for Academic Departments

This initiative underwrites weekend or summer workshops for departments and programs of the two schools designed to facilitate collaboration between their academic programs. Departmental or interdisciplinary pairs can propose topics for these meetings on any academic topic of shared interest. Such workshops might lead to:

  • Faculty working together on research
  • New opportunities for student/faculty research
  • Joint projects on technology or curriculum
  • Faculty exchanges
Individual faculty will receive stipends for each day of a workshop and departments and programs will also be given stipends to expend at their discretion.

Workshops for Department Chairs and Program Directors

Each year a number of chairs and directors from both campus will be invited to participate together in workshops focused on developing between departments and interdisciplinary and other programs mutual understanding, support, and efficient collaboration, and on ways of successfully leading such groups. Funds will be available for providing stipends for participants as well as for engaging consultants to help with these discussions.

Departmental Ecology Grants

Ecology Grants encourage departments to examine how they might become more satisfying places for faculty to develop over the course of a career. Within interdisciplinary programs faculty tend to be highly interactive intellectually but some departments seem to foster environments where faculty become professionally isolated and long for a more developed sense of intellectual community. Ecology Grants help departments examine how they might become more efficient in some things, more differently focused in others, in order to create time for building community. This might be approached in part through leadership training as well as by inviting consultants or facilitators to help explore the department’s prevailing culture and practices.