Linguistics Open House for the Class of 2024!

Thursday, Sept 10, 3-5pm
Meeting ID: 976 3316 1523
Passcode: 645844

Students can stop by and visit with us in breakout rooms:
Cati Fortin, Associate Professor/Chair of Linguistics, 3-5pm
Emma Ismail ’21, SDA for Linguistics, 3-5pm
Jenna Conklin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics, 3-4 pm
Cherlon Ussery, Associate Professor of Linguistics, 4-5 pm

A message from the Director of Linguistics, Cati Fortin

Linguistics and Culture in Japan – Kyoto Program with William H. Laird Professor of Linguistics and the Liberal Arts, Mike Flynn

Welcome! from Associate Professor of Linguistics, Cherlon Ussery

Welcome! from Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Jenna Conklin

Welcome! from the Linguistics SDA, Emma Ismail

Linguistics FAQs pamphlet

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