How do I archive my comps or my work that got an award?

  • Create a pdf version of your paper and prepare any other files that should be archived (e.g. a presentation or video.) The submission form will describe how these files should be named.
  • Fill out the online submission form, which includes attaching the files you want to archive.

Why should I archive my work in Carleton Digital Commons? How is it different from giving it to my academic department?

  • Permanent: This archive will preserve your work for the future as well as make it available for you should you ever lose your own files.
  • Discoverable: The archived copy in Carleton Digital Commons can act as the permanent discoverable online version that you can refer to for future applications to graduate school or employment opportunities.

What if I’m supposed to archive a group comps project?

  • If you were part of a group that did one comps project together, one member of the group should complete the submission form.
  • The group should agree together on the documents to submit (with guidance from your advisor/s,) as well as the abstract/summary text and the keywords.
  • Files for group comps should be named with the username of the student doing the submission.
  • There are places on the form to enter the name and contact info for each person in the group.

When should I submit my comps or honors paper or prize-winner for archiving?

  • When you receive notification that your comps have passed, or you receive your honors or distinction on a paper, you should submit your work. Please do not submit before you have been passed.
  • Your department may set up a standard submission process and time for all majors to submit their comps. Ask your advisor, the department chair, or the departmental assistant, if this is the case.

Will “distinction on comps” be noted?

  • Yes, there is a place on the submission form to indicate whether your work was awarded distinction or won a prize.
  • For students in departments where distinction is not known until the end of the year, we will get a list from the Registrar indicating which works have been awarded distinction at the end of the year.
  • Students can mark in the Award field that they have gotten distinction. If you have already submitted, please contact

How will my archived comps or other work be used?

  • Faculty may use your work as an example for future students.
  • Faculty and/or Institutional Research & Assessment staff might use comps in the aggregate to help assess progress toward departmental or college learning goals.
  • A student doing research on a topic related to yours might request a copy through a faculty member.
  • If you are the author and you lost your file, you may get a copy of it.

Who will be able to look at or get my comps?

  • Faculty or their designees (e.g. Departmental Assistants).
  • Carleton’s Institutional Research & Assessment staff.
  • Certain Library and ITS staff will have access for the purpose of archiving, cataloging, and retrieval.
  • Current students, when provided a copy by a member of the Carleton faculty.
  • You as the author may obtain a copy.


Who sets policy for archiving Carleton student work?

The digital archiving of comps is an initiative of the Office of the Provost, which also sets the policies of this archive.

Why is the college doing this?

  • To provide more consistent archiving of the results of significant student work at Carleton.
  • To capture data to document educational outcomes and provide additional information for assessment.
  • To relieve departments of the need to manage their own archives of student work.

What kinds of student works are archived?

  • Comps, in all their forms
  • Honors papers
  • Prize-winning works, such as those that are cited at Honors Convocation

For any other questions, please contact Last updated: February 2019