Community Members

Individuals who are not affiliated with Carleton or St. Olaf but reside in one of the towns/zip codes listed below may register for a Bridge community card, which provides borrowing privileges at both Carleton and St. Olaf libraries. If you are interested in registering for a Bridge community card please come to the circulation desk on the main floor. All library patrons must agree to follow library borrowing policies.

  • Cannon Falls (55000)
  • Castle Rock (55010)
  • Dennison/Stanton (55018)
  • Dundas (55019)
  • Elko (55020)
  • Faribault (55021)
  • Farmington (55024)
  • Hampton (55031)
  • Lonsdale (55046)
  • Nerstrand (55053)
  • Northfield (55057)
  • Randolph (55065)
  • Webster (55088)

People who do not live in the above areas are welcome to use the facilities of Gould Library, but they do not have borrowing privileges. See the Guest Patron Policy for more information about using library resources and services.


Alumni who live within 100 miles of Carleton can have borrowing privileges. They can either register for a Bridge community card at the circulation desk of the library or apply for an Affiliate card through the OneCard office. Both types of cards provide borrowing privileges at the library.

Borrowing privileges only apply to physical items. Unfortunately, licenses for our electronic resources and databases do not allow us to provide access to off-campus alumni except for JSTOR (see guide for more information). 

Community Card & Affiliate Card Logins

To log in to your Community Card account:

  1. Go to “My Library Account“.
  2. Click “Community Members Login”.
    • Note: If you have an Affiliate card and have a Carleton username/password, then you should click “Enter Your Carleton Username/Password”.  For questions about your Carleton username/password please see the Alumni Directory FAQ.
  3. If your card says “Bridge Community Card”, your User ID is the full number on the back of your card.  If your card says “Affiliate”, your User ID is the first 14 digits on the back of your library card.
  4. Your default Password is “Library123”.
  5. If you have trouble logging in, call the circulation desk at 507-222-4260, email us at, or stop by the circulation desk in person.

To change your account’s password:

Note: If you have an Affiliate card and have a Carleton username/password, see the Alumni Directory FAQ for information about changing your password.

  1. Log in to your account following the steps listed above.
  2. Click the “Personal Details” tab.
  3. Click “Update Login Credentials”.
  4. Enter your current password and then the new password.