Reference and Instruction Librarians teach students how to find and evaluate information and library resources. Information literacy fits into the learning outcomes of Argument & Inquiry seminars and the college’s learning goals. It includes:

  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Synthesizing information
  • Communicating effectively 

Please get in touch with your librarian

You do not need to have a plan in mind to contact your librarian. We love to collaborate during the planning stages to consider how library instruction might advance your learning goals. If you realize at the last minute that library instruction would be helpful, please still reach out to us, we can usually figure out some way to support your class.

Some options for your course and your students

One-time instruction: A librarian visits with your class in the library computer lab or your classroom. Typically, students have an assignment that requires certain resources or research skills. The librarian introduces relevant resources and teaches students how to choose search tools, construct search strategies, evaluate results, and obtain materials. 

The length of time that these sessions run is variable, and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Some options include:

  • A short meet & greet with your librarian, and introduction to or refresher on library research.
    • Your librarian will need a week’s notice.
  • A deeper dive into information literacy such as: tips & tricks of specific databases, a meta look at library resources, discussion of scholarly communication and/or the research publication process, citation management instruction, or instruction related to finding data.
    • Your librarian will need two weeks’ notice.
  • An open working session with the librarian on hand to help at point of need.
    • Your librarian will need a week’s notice.
  • A video to replace synchronous instruction. We can produce multiple videos to cover multiple concepts or skills.
    • Your librarian will need a week’s notice for one video and more time for more than one.

Multiple instruction sessions: Resources and skills are covered in depth, and students begin their research with librarian assistance.

Consultations: You may recommend or require student consultations with a librarian. Librarians give one-on-one or small group instruction to students. During these, librarians teach students how to approach their research question and use specific resources. 

  • Please have a conversation with your librarian before assigning all of your students to meet with us. We want to make sure we are not already committed to another class that week.

Course Research Guides: Your librarian will create a customized guide that highlights the library’s resources and/or research strategies for your course or subject area. (examples of past guides available here)