Carleton’s Gould Library welcomes guests to enjoy our rich collection of books, periodicals, journals, and digital materials. Guests of the college and the library are expected to abide by campus and library policies and to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

See this guide to our building and services, including parking and printing options.

Borrowing Library Materials

People from the following groups may check out materials according to our borrowing policies:

  • Carleton and St. Olaf students, faculty, emeriti, and staff
  • Carleton and St. Olaf alumni
  • Guests who are not affiliated with Carleton or St. Olaf and who live within a 15 mile radius of Northfield may apply for a library card (called a Bridge community card) at the circulation desk

Guests who do not belong to one of these groups are welcome to use the facilities and resources of Gould Library but do not have borrowing privileges.

Using Library Equipment and Services

Library equipment (computers, scanners, copiers, etc.) and staff are primarily here to serve Carleton and St. Olaf students, faculty and staff. Guests are welcome to use our equipment and services unless demands are great within the Carleton community, in which case library staff may request that guests move to less populated spaces or return at a later time.

We encourage guests to apply for a Bridge community card at the front desk. This card allows guests to check out materials and equipment and manage their library accounts online.

Abuse of Privileges

Abuse of Carleton College and/or Gould Library policies and resources may result in suspension of some or all campus and library privileges.  Guests may be asked to leave by Gould Library staff or Campus Security as a result of conduct that is disruptive of the safe learning environment we aim to create or is disrespectful of library staff, student workers, or fellow patrons.

As a private institution, Carleton College reserve the right to restrict any individual from entering or using the library’s materials, equipment, facilities, or services

Policy effective as of July 2015